Access to hard to reach groups Custom Essay

Access to hard to reach groups.
Main ideas
First: Select country/state in Africa where health services have to contend with large geographic distances.
Second: Briefly describe the geographic access issues for that country.
Third: What strategies would you recommend to improve access to health services in remote areas for that country?
Forth: In doing so, recognize the benefits and limitations of your selected method and the reasons for not selecting alternative methods. Provide evidence from the research literature to support your points.
Structure of paper:
Word limit: 2000 words, the word limit does not include the list of references. use up to 2 figures/tables of data to support your mechanisms. As this paper worth 40% it is expected to use at least 20 most updated references.

Please provide an introductory paragraph. In this introduction mention the country of selection, and the purpose of your written piece.
Body: strategies, benefits, limitations
Provide a conclusion at the end of the written piece that neatly sums up your main points.

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