Analyse the generic structure of the paper, identifying the generic stages and features Custom Essay

Topic: Summary and review of journal article

Task Description:
Write a summary and review of a set journal article. The class lecturer will advise the title of the journal article set for this class.

1) Analyse the generic structure of the paper, identifying the generic stages and features of the text.
(this section: approximately 200 words)

2) Summarise the main ideas of the text, paraphrasing appropriately and citing relevant sources effectively. Direct quotations should be limited to a maximum of 50 words in total. The summary should:
– start with a brief statement of the topic/issue and the gap in current knowledge
– follow with a brief statement of the authors’ research aim/purpose
– focus mainly on the authors’ own research (what did they do? what did they find? what were their conclusions?)
You do not need to summarise the literature review section of the article, except to the extent that it helps in writing your summary of what the authors’ own research focuses on.
(this section: approximately 600-800 words)

3) Apply any interesting ideas from this paper to theories, concepts or principles in the fields of TESOL or Applied Linguistics. This section should extend and reflect on ideas within the article, and relate these ideas to knowledge gained from other sources. These sources may include:
a. Readings from other subjects
b. Further readings you have found on a similar topic
c. Knowledge you have gained as a learner of English
d. Knowledge you have gained from your professional practice
You should cite at least 3 separate academic sources in this section.
(this section: approximately 400-500 words)

Assessment criteria:
[Obj a] identifies the generic stages and features of the text
[Obj b] relates the author’s ideas to theories studied, and professional experience
[Obj c] is written in an appropriate academic style
[Obj c] is grammatically accurate
[Obj c] summarises, paraphrases and cites effectively.

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