Analysis and Evaluation Custom Essay

Topic: Analysis and Evaluation

In this paper, you will be looking at film and its influence on our culture. In his essay, “How Films Feed the Mind or When I’m Hungry, I Don’t Want to Eat Candy” Bill Swanson uses division and classification to distinguish between different types of movies and the criteria we use to judge them. He explains that films “help us develop psychologically, to become more complete human beings, and other films are just a way of distracting us from understanding ourselves” (316).
In this essay, you will select a conventional movie and an unconventional film based on a central theme or topic the two works share. Once you have completed this step, you will do the following:
• Establish which work is conventional and unconventional based upon Swanson’s criteria as outlined in his essay;
• Explain how each work depicts the theme;
• Compare and contrast the presentation of this theme;
• Evaluate which work provides better social criticism of the theme/ topic;

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