Analysis of a Policy Custom Essay

**Please find the attachment, I’m going to upload the policy needs to be analysed

1- Provide a detailed analysis of the policy.
2- Identifies four groups in the community that were legitimate stakeholders in this issue. One of the
four groups must be the relevant government (state or federal) at the time of policy development

*This is a report style

criteria :
10% Analyses and reframes the issue that led to the policy being developed (maximum 250 words)
10% Summarises the implementation of the policy (maximum 250 words)
20% Appraises the capacity of the selected stakeholder groups to influence decision making on this
issue from a political and power perspective (maximum 500 words)
30% Analyses the policy clearly and comprehensively using a logical approach
10% Justifies whether the policy should be considered a success or a failure based on evidence of
wide reading
10% Validates perspectives through correct interpretation of relevant and current literature (> year
10% Produces correct grammar, spelling, formatting, style (report) and referencing

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