analyze Custom Essay

The First article is David Zinczenko- Don’t Blame the Eater

The second one is Radley Balko- What You Eat is Your Business

I want you please to follow the instruction that the professor provide. in addition i want you to add “my point of view” in every single paragraph

Please provide “My THESIS” if i agree or disagree with the article or i agree in some point and not in other point from the connection between the two article.

The Professor’s Instruction.
Choosing two articles from “What should we eat” section of “They say/I say”

Analyzing two articles and finding a connecting idea in both.

Writing a paper showcasing a bigger idea that the two articles relate to. You will be using in-text citations from both articles.

In the second assignment of the semester, the students will choose two articles from a section of our text book. They will find a common, bigger idea that the two articles support in some way. They will write an analysis of the common, bigger idea using the articles as sources of supporting evidence. The goal here is to find a connecting idea that will bring the two articles together. For example, they can both support a bigger idea, they can be two sides of the same issue, or some other combination. The analysis has to have at least 850 words.

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