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17. Were there any Non-Cash Investing/Financing Transactions? Describe the type and amount.
18. What is the dollar difference between accrual net income and Cash provided by Operations?
Management’s Report:
47. Who bears the responsibility for the integrity and the objectivity of the financial statements?
48. What does management say they are doing to assure the public that the financial information is reliable?
49. What is the responsibility of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors?

Analysis: (use Excel to complete this section)
50. Provide common-size analysis of your company’s income statement and balance sheet for the 2 most recent years (must be done using Excel with formulas).
51. Provide horizontal analysis of your company’s income statement and balance sheet, showing the dollar amount and percent of change using the 2 most recent years (you must use an Excel spreadsheet with formulas).
52. Perform ratio analysis on your company using the ratios listed in Exhibit 17.16 on page 707 of your text (these must be in an Excel spreadsheet, using formulas to calculate the ratios). You should present them in a similar format as the text: group by category, list name of ratio, formula in words, and the ratio calculation. Give a short explanation of your conclusions about your company after each category of ratios (i.e. How liquid is your company? How efficiently is it using its assets? etc.).

53. Are you optimistic or pessimistic regarding the future of your chosen corporation? Explain.
54. Would you invest in the stock of the company? Explain.
55. Would you invest in the bonds of the company? Explain

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