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Planning Models Article Review

The published literature is rich with examples of health promotion programs that have utilized the concepts of program planning covered in this course. The Planning Models Article Review Worksheet will allow you to critically examine the assignment of these concepts in real-world settings.

To prepare for the Planning Models Article Review, read Chapter 3 of the textbook and review the articles listed in the Learning Resources for this module. Reflect on the ways planning models were used to develop health promotion programs.

To complete the Planning Models Article Review Worksheet, select one of the articles provided, analyze the use of a program planning model, and complete the Planning Models Article Review Worksheet based on the information you obtained from the article.

ReadingsMcKenzie, J. F., Neiger, B. L., & Thackeray, R. (2013).Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs: A primer (6th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pearson.Chapter 2, “Starting the Planning Process” (pp. 18-42)Chapter 3, “Models for Program Planning in Health Promotion” (pp. 43–70)Bate, S. L., & Cannon, M. J. (2011). A social marketing approach to building a behavioral intervention for congenital cytomegalovirus. Health Promotion Practice, 12(3), 349–360.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Binkley, C. J., & Johnson, K. W. (2013). Application of the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model in designing an oral health strategy. Journal of Theory and Practice of Dental Public Health, 1(3), 14–25.
Binkley, C.J., Johnson K,.W. (2013). Application of the PRECEDE-PROCEED Planning Model in Designing an Oral Health Strategy.Journal of Theory and Practice of Dental Public Health, 1(3), 14-25. Articles may be submitted via, B., Brewer, L., Hamlin, D. L., Palmer, M. W., Bowie, J., & Gielen, A. (2011). An innovative faith-based healthy eating program: From class assignment to real-world assignment of PRECEDE/PROCEED. Health Promotion Practice, 12(6), 867–875.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Cherrington, A., Martin, M. Y., Hayes, M., Halanych, J. H., Wright, M. A., Appel, S. J.,…Safford, M. (2012). Intervention mapping as a guide for the development of a diabetes peer support intervention in rural Alabama. Preventing Chronic Disease, 9, 110053. Retrieved from, A., & Katz, M. H. (2011). The San Francisco Community Vital Signs: Using web-based tools to facilitate the mobilizing for action through planning and partnership process. Journal of Public Health Management Practice, 17(5), 457–471.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Document: Planning Models Article Review Worksheet (Word document)

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