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Journal & IDP
Individual Development Plan

When an organization fails to set goals, the result is often poor productivity and unimpressive outcomes. Organizations need metrics that measure success to make sure they are staying on track and to have markers of when to celebrate success or intervene for problems. Individuals also need to set goals in order to ensure they are not getting stuck in a rut, but rather are growing and developing as well.

In the Individual Leadership Development Plan this week, you will identify 2–4 goals for yourself. These are flexible and fluid, so they may change during the course and most certainly should change over the span of the next year or two. Always keeping a development plan is critical for leaders. It is a part of being a professional, it is a part of being a good leader and serving your organizational community well, and it helps you get the most personally out of your career experiences.

Complete Part 2 of the IDP by describing 2–4 goals for yourself

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