Art Custom Essay

Topic: Art

​My ​Chosen artists:

– S.H Raza
– Russell Leng
– Ilya Bolotowsky

​Now, ​

​ need to choose 1 art piece from each artist​, then

​​1) ​Need to
​-​ ​Analyse ​​their​ Formal qualities​
– Write about their stylistic features​, i.e. What you see
( Elements such as shape/form, space, tone, color, line,texture, principles such as balance, rhythm, pattern, emphasis, etc.)
– Add a picture of each art piece chosen
​- ​C​onsider layout.
​-​ Clearly reference sources.

​​See the attachment to see the vocab to be used and how to write about the formal qualities.
​ Need 200 words for each piece of art that is analyzed

Word count of each piece should be 200
200 x 3= 600

Once done then,

Comparative Study addressing:

​2​) ‘Interpretation of function and purpose’​.
This should include exploring the meanings of motifs, signs and symbols used within the work.

​200 words each piece

200 x 3 = 600​

​3​) ‘Evaluation of the conceptual and cultural significance of the pieces and the cultural contexts in which they were created.’
You will consider what was happening in the artist’s life around the time of creating the work, other work that the artist has made, other artists that your chosen artist is connected to, historical events that may have impacted or have been reflected in the work etc.

Consider visual layout. Clearly reference sources and use an appropriate range.

​200 words each art piece

200 x 3 = 600

– Make sure that everything written about each art piece under different headings, in different paragraphs.
​- Make sure you are using the same art pieces throughout the essay​.

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