Article Critique

A critique refers to a specific style of essay whereby you evaluate, identify and responding to ideas of authors, however positively or negatively. By evaluation it simply needs to answer the following; how applicable or useful is the article? How the article does compares with research other current theories and research? How the argument is convincing? On the other hand, by identifying question such as what article’s purpose and background? Finally by response, you may need to answer-what issues it tends to avoid? What is your article assessment? What are the raising issues? Article critique writing requires one to have subject knowledge hence posse’s skills in writing.

A good article critique interprets and analyzes texts without summaries; however, examines the author’s mind by presentation of opinions and evidence that support it. Most important part is the article critique format including APA format rules such as body, abstract, margins, fonts and page title. Practically, an APA composed example of an article critique gradually reduces level of making mistakes. Critiquing denotes that understanding of more than one article is gained. In a point of view a clear picture is seen as a discipline. Development of article critique is to evaluate another person’s writings-in article process, however in demonstrating errors or fallacies on article, but also in addressing other writer’s success in their work.

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