Automobile Recall, Globalization, and Regulations in the U.S Custom Essay

Students were asked to choose 1 of the following questions and answer it completely and thoroughly for their paper:
• Take a position either for or against globalization. Provide examples of how globalization has either helped or harmed individual nations and the world economy. (ch. 6)
• Compare and contrast the world’s political and economic systems and their effects on globalization. (ch. 6)
• Contrast corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship. (ch. 7)
• How does a firm become a better corporate citizen? (ch. 7)
• Are automobile manufacturer recalls a matter of corporate social responsibility or do they primarily represent compliance issues? Does the government seek to cooperate or work against the auto manufacturers? (ch. 8)
• Are the costs of regulation and the staffing of regulatory agencies out of control in the United States? (ch. 8)
Your job is to reply to three students papers. Their papers are uploaded as CB, JL, and AC (three separate papers). The first two replies must be at least 200 words and the third at least 125 words. All replies must advance the conversation further by providing new ideas and insights, asking probing questions that get to the heart of critical issues, and share from one’s personal and professional experience. For the purposes of citations, each reply to each student’s paper must include:

o One scholarly article;
o Textbook: Lawrence & Weber, Business and Society (2014) is required for use a reference and;
o The PointeCast or video presentation assigned for that unit’s discussion board (see Fischer, K. (2015). The Political & International Contexts. Retrieved from

• Remember to provide new ideas, research, and analysis that create a clear dialogue with each student paper (i.e., each student’s ideas). Go beyond providing basic definitions to topics being discussed. Your reply to each student paper must not read as just another thread, nor regurgitate and restate what the student has stated.

• Please refer to the “Guidelines for Use of Sources” (see upload) to make sure you understand how to recognize a scholarly source.

• Please note that the Textbook: Lawrence & Weber, Business and Society (2014) is required for use a reference and is NOT the same as the PowerPoint chapter summaries for each chapter.

Citations must be in current APA format (including headings). You must use proper spelling and grammar. The word count for the replies are as follows:

There are three replies needed (one per student paper) so the total word count is 525 (not including references). See attachment for student replies. Also use at least one scripture from the Holy for each student’s paper as a reference. *****200 words a piece for CB and JL papers, and 125 words for responding to AC paper.

Important: Label your paper with the student initials that you are responding to. For example, if you are responding to CB paper then write “this response is for CB”. In addition, each response to each student paper must have their own references. Do not combine all the references for all students at the end of the paper. Place the appropriate references under the applicable student’s response.

Additional Paper Requirements: Expectations are consistently exceeded in all areas regarding content, analysis, synthesis, evaluation of topics, participation, timeliness, and writing style.
• Focuses on specific information based on the answer to the selected question and is answered in specific and clear ways, with much personal and professional application.
• Provides more than the required number and type of references asked for within the question.
• Advances the discussion in a way that contributes to the learning of the participants (provides new ideas and insights, asks probing questions that get to the heart of critical issues, and shares from personal and professional experience).
• Research & Analysis: Your paper builds upon the key ideas of each student paper to which the student is responding and make new contributions with new research and analysis. Rather than merely asking questions of his/her classmates or restating what his/her classmates have said, the student advances the conversation with new ideas and research. This new research and analysis is also different from the research and analysis done in the student’s own thread.
• Connectivity: In providing this new research and analysis, the student clearly demonstrates connectivity to key points from his/her classmates’ papers, so that the student’s replies read like a true dialogue of ideas and not just another paper.
Grammar/Current APA: Contains no grammatical and no APA errors.

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