basic steps for conducting scientific research Custom Essay

List and describe the basic steps for conducting scientific research and know and discuss the research methods that sociologists use and the strengths and limitations of each.Summarize the core concepts of sociology and recognize and explain the “sociological imagination” when viewing social phenomena and your own life..

In this module, you will have an opportunity to put into action what you’ve learned about sociological research, social norms, socialization and/or deviance. You will write an essay of approximately 1,250 words (5 pages), addressing one of the two options below.

Step 1: Review the research methodology chapter in our textbook (Chap. 5) in order to familiarize yourself with sociological experiments.

Step 2: Decide which research project you would like to do. Please know that you are to complete one of these assignments – there will be no extra credit for completing both.
Option B: Socialization Observation

Using participant observation,this should be view through the eyes of a parent teaching their child. choose two specific learning situations that can be observed during your daily activities, such as a parent teaching a child, a person watching TV, store or restaurant interactions. You must pick two different types of learning situations, and you must this shoud be though the eyes of a parent teaching their child.

Write up a detailed description of what you observed, and identify the components of culture being taught and/or learned. You should also detail the agent(s) and stage(s) of socialization and how these incidents support one of the theories of socialization developed by Jean Piaget, Carol Gilligan, George H. Mead, Lawrence Kohlberg, or Erik Erikson.

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