Book Review

In book review, it refers to quality evaluation and descriptions that are critically analyzed, however no retelling in the meaning of book significance. However its focus is based on book’s content, purpose and authority. In other words, book review generally not considered as summary or book report however; a paper where analysis of material in weakness and strength are done. For instance, key factors involves author statement on steps she/she has done, evaluate author’s succession and finally presentation of evidence for supporting the evaluation. Book review reflection is mostly based on the viewer’s opinion and is highly personal in that matter.

On the contrast, a book review could be a primary source or scholarly, it is worked out in periodicals, on the internet, or as school work. Generally, a book review is meant to develop analytical skills to post-secondary and secondary students. Goal of the book reviewer is discussion of the book and provision of analysis of what is read and deduces whether the author managed to reveal the core, keeping thesis or book purpose is achieved. Speculation on the topic is done by the reviewer. Eventually, determination of the book review is communication on the readers mind on sensation and ideas experienced by the reviewer while reading.

In other words, it functions is the reviewer to determine the subject text is treated clearly in such a way that it will enable students to appreciate and grasp the presented knowledge. Nevertheless, textbook reviewer has an additional responsibility; however if occurs existing texts no same subject as the case, the reviewer will have to provide an appropriate comparison. In exemption, comparing reviewed book to other based materials, reviewer work denotes danger for those writers who do plagiarism. In other words, if the book review is found authentic and may be unique, the attitude and the points are discussed. Moreover the book reviewer decides upon validity of the author’s points.

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