Brain Rules Custom Essay

2 topics to be discussed. Each need to be 250 words with 2 references each. I have provided a link that will be helpful.

Topic 1:
In Dr. Medina’s book he proclaims the belief that classrooms are counter – productive to the brain’s primary function. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how his classroom would function- what would it look like- what are the students doing?
This week, state the primary function of the brain and explain what this “classroom do over” means to you. What would one experience in YOUR classroom look like?

Topic 2:
Dr. Medina’s first six Brain Rules deal with: exercise, survival, wiring, attention, short and long term memory. These are educational paradigms. Joel Barker the futurist points out that “vision without action is a dream – action without vision is simply passing the time – action with vision is making a positive difference”. Pick two Brain rules that you believe will make a positive educational mark on changing the way we fundamentally turn the corner on the teaching -a learning paradigm. Let’s talk about the rules and how we are going to use them. A little research on Mr. Barker would help you – I am sure.

Helpful link:

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