Brief History of Ogilvy PR Custom Essay

Topic: Backgrounder/ Brief History of Ogilvy PR

Background: Later in the term, you will write a strategic Networking Plan, to help you network to land the communication practitioner job you identified in your Lesson 1 Essay. You will also create a Branding Presentation at the end of the term, as a way to introduce your brand as a communication practitioner to a potential employer for that job. To develop strategies for these projects, you will first want to learn as much as you can about your audience, so you can strategically tailor your message to communicate your brand effectively.
Hypothetical Professional Scenario: Communication practitioners often compile audience analyses/reports, containing research to be distributed to all members of the branding/communication team, to refer to throughout a project. In this assignment, you will gather research about the potential employer for the job you seek. You will analyze the information, and then organize and present it in a profile/backgrounder format (see the Backgrounder Strategy Brief on p. 242 of Strategic Communications as a guide). Approach the report as you would if distributing it to your branding team.
Use a strategic process to:
• Identify 1 potential employer for the communication practitioner job you selected as a potential career goal in the Lesson 1 Essay.
• Provide relevant background information on the organization, such as its mission, goals, place within the industry, and competitors.
• Describe the organization’s specific communication needs.

USE OF RESEARCH: Show evidence of research and illustrate understanding of course concepts by citing course content and/or relevant outside sources to fully support statements/analysis.

ANALYSIS: Demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills. Go beyond a surface analysis to illustrate expertise and a unique perspective.

FORMAT: Follow professional standards and expectations as described in course lessons. Strictly follow APA Style, including for: page layout (cover page, running heads, page numbering, double-spaced, Times Roman font, 12pt, 1-inch margins), in-text citations, and Reference list. Refer to the Backgrounder Strategy Brief on p. 242 of Strategic Communications as a guide for your process and format.

GRAMMAR/ORGANIZATION OF INFORMATION: Use proper grammar, punctuation, and sentence constructions. Order/organize information logically and coherently. Intentionally and deliberately place content for a strategic purpose.

PROOFREADING/EDITING: Carefully proofread profile. Edit content to a professional standard, including for typographical errors, clarity, length, conciseness. Maximum length: 500 words (not including cover page and Reference list).

The following is what you need fill out. Please follow the following format. Please relate what you researched to the job: PR director.

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