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It is required that the new venture concept developed for Assignment 1 is used for Assignment 2.

Based on your proposal presented in Assignment 1, in Assignment 2, you are required to prepare a full business plan that could be submitted to a venture capitalist. It is assumed that you have successfully negotiated the first hurdle presented by Assignment 1 and have now been given the opportunity to present this plan.

The aim is to secure seed funding from the venture capitalist that will support the establishment and early stage growth of the venture. A maximum level of seed funding will be determined at the commencement of the session. Given that you are seeking to secure a substantial investment, your business plan must be a sales document as well as a detailed explanation of the market opportunity and financial outcomes. The submission must be under 2000 words (excluding appendices) and must incorporate a high impact Executive Summary.
Note that this is a guide only. Students may create a different structure or add
particular sub-headings which they think are more appropriate for their entrepreneurial
venture. Details of each individual section can be found in the text book. The marking
criteria will also identify specific content that should be featured.
• Cover page
• Table of contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction (what is the purpose of your report?)
3. Description of the Entrepreneurial Venture (in most cases this is based on the
early sections of your PP presentation).
4. Management (style and structure)
5. Marketing (to be covered only very briefly. This is not a marketing unit).
6. Competitor analysis (most importantly, address how your venture will be
positioned in relation to direct and indirect competitors).
7. Financial Analysis
8. Key risks and challenges
9. Bibliography

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