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Feedback: AC1.1: Refer Good effort. You have attempted to define the strategic terms. However, the AC 1.1 requires you to explain strategic terminologies. This means you are required to give a detailed account of the terminologies that you are discussing. If you are discussing vision, consider what is the importance of a vision in an organisation? How is a vision statement formed? What does it mean? Should it be communicated across the organisation, how? If you are explaining mission, consider what is a mission, how can it be formed? What is the importance of mission for an organisation. Support your explanation with relevant examples of organisations. Overall, there should be a proper flow of concept when discussing these terminologies, proper definitions where required substantiated with relevant sources. Explain how they affect the complete organisation structure/roles/teams/functioning. Give relevant examples/evidence. 1.2: Pass You have managed to pass this AC by identifying factors considered for strategic planning. 1.3: Refer To pass AC 1.3, you are required to explain the different planning techniques. This means that you need to give a detailed account of the planning tools – how these tools help the organisation, back your discussion with academic references.
Feedback: 2.1: Pass You have carried out relevant audits to explain the strategic position of Lafarge. This allows you to pass the AC. 2.2: Refer Please carry out a PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces in detail here. The 2.2 asks you to Carry out an environmental audit. This would require you to discuss each factor of a PESTLE in detail. Should the business be considering new entrants as threats?, would it be affected by power of buyers, are there any competitors? – Discuss porters five forces in detail. 2.3: Refer You are on the right track. You have explained stakeholders, however, to pass this AC, please go ahead and identify the stakeholders for LT and assess their significance for LT
Feedback:3.1: Refer To pass this AC, I would like to explain the current strategies used by LT and look into atlest three alternate strategies that you would recommend for LT in detail. 2.4 & 3.2: Refer The detailed analysis required to pass this AC is missing. Please suggest a strategy for LT considering the alternatives; appropriateness; feasibility; desirability factors.

Feedback:4.1: Pass You have identified the roles and responsibilities of relevant HR employed in strategy implementation. This allows you to pass the AC. 4.2: Refer To pass the 4.2, you are required to EVALUATE resource requirements (this means you need to formulate arguments and draw conclusions about resource requirements to implement a new strategy. Consider each factor in detail). 4.3: Refer To pass the 4.3, you need to DISCUSS how will LT ensure that a chosen strategy will work? Your reasons and arguments should be backed up with evidence/logic and you should be able to arrive at a conclusion from the information presented.
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