Care of patient with Parkinson’s disease in operating department Custom Essay

CW1: Critique of an article related to a specialist area
Level of submission: 5
Academic Writing
References: 15
Harvard referencing
Word count: 2000 words

Could you please critique the article below:

Care of patients with Parkinson’s disease in the operating department.
Author(s) Holland, Joanna
Citation: Journal of Perioperative Practice, 01 November 2010, vol./is. 20/11(406-410), 17504589
Publication Date: 01 November 2010
Source: CINAHL
Available in fulltext from Journal of Perioperative Practice at EBSCOhost

Intended Learning Outcomes:
1. Demonstrate a logical and systematic approach to problem solving, related to complex patient needs in the specialist setting.
2. Evaluate research and other evidence to inform practice.

Submission Guidance:
CW1. The critique of an article related to a specialist area should be written in a formal academic style that incorporates an introduction, body and conclusion. The body of the critique should include a

summary of the work and a detailed evaluation. The purpose of this is to evaluate the usefulness or impact of the article. By using a critical analysis approach the article should be broken down and explored in

depth to identify and question the details of the text.

Key points: (Please answer the following questions)

• What does the article actually say?
• How well is the point made?
• What were the objectives of the article?
• Were they met?
• Were there any assumptions made?
• Are there any issues that were overlooked?
• What are the implications of the article?
• Are there any alternatives to what has been identified?
• Is there any information missing within the article?
• This submission should be 2000 words in length
• The original article should be submitted with the work as an appendix

Core Resources
Key Texts
1. Bowling, A. (2002) Research Methods in Health. Buckingham: Open University Press
2. Burns, N. & Grove, S. K. (2003) Understanding rsing Research 3rd edition London: WB Saunders Company
3. Newell, R. and Burnard, P. (2006) Research from Evidence Based Practice Oxford: Blackwell

Key Journals
1. Technic: The Journal of Operating Department Practice
2. The Journal of Perioperative Practice. AFPP
3. Operating Theatre Journal

Key Websites
1. The College of Operating Department Practitioners
2. Department of Health
3. Health and Care Professions Council

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