Interagency Collaboration and Homeland Security

Review FEMA?s State and Urban Area Homeland Security Strategy Guidance on Aligning Strategies with the National Preparedness Goal, July 22, 2005. To access the document, click on the following link, and then click on the document link with the same title as above. It is located near the bottom of the page:FEMA?s Good Guidance DocumentsAlthough this document is intended to guide states and selected urban areas in developing and/or revising their homeland security strategies, it provides any reader with information on national goals and standards. This provision is important because it helps other sovereignties place their localities in a larger context and serves to help align strategies to a degree, across the state and the country. To compel compliance, DHS grant dollars are often tied to the inclusion of certain elements of such guidance, especially the National Preparedness Goal (found in this document).As you review this guidance, notice how many ways collaboration, coordination, cooperation, sharing, and similar terms and concepts are used or implied. These references will serve well as you complete the final project for the course, which is the following:Prepare a paper of 7?9 pages that analyzes the relationship between various agencies involved in homeland security, and develop at least 3 specific strategies to improve collaboration and cooperation between the agencies.You may select any agencies that you?d like to approach as you build your three strategies, but consider carefully how certain methods and techniques might work better for certain types of entities, government levels, sectors, or bodies. For example, if you are a state?s emergency manager who is working on a strategy for improved collaboration with transportation partners, might your approach to elicit cooperation from corporate partners be different that those used by a state to a city?Your strategies should make clear the advantages of coordination plus the tools to achieve it. As you are asked to draft three strategies, determine how you will separate these: by function (example, information sharing); targeting entity or type of organizations (example: private sector owners and operators of critical infrastructure); governmental level (example: county-to-county peer-level agreements for mutual support), etc. (You may use any of these examples in your assignment.)To aid you in completing this assignment, revisit activities and materials covered during the term. You may also choose to locate real-world state, community, or corporate strategies, many of which are available through open-source avenues. For a tip, you may elect to represent a real or hypothetical agency or governmental body as you approach this assignment; it may help you maintain focus as you progress.Ensure that each strategy is well organized, clearly delivered, mechanically sound, and comprehensive in content. Although strategies generally do not include citations, remembering that this is an academic product, you should properly reference the source of any material or ideas that are not original.This assignment will also be assessed using additional criteria, provided here.Please submit your assignment.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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Respond to this question. Your response should be approximately 750 words. The Mona Lisa is Leonardo da Vinci?s most famous painting. In fact, ?she? is the most famous painting in the world. She is even considered to be the most famous work of art in the world.In your opinion, what is the primary reason for this evolution in fame? Do you think the original painting has been enhanced or diminished by this change in status? Explain how and give specific examples from the internet of how her image has been ?borrowed? by contemporary advertisers.This essay should start with a brief description of the artwork, in which you display your knowledge of vocabulary and concepts learned in this semester where appropriate. You must include your own ideas in these essays, arguing your case well.

Requirements analysisProject descriptionProduce a set of requirements-related documents to meet project expectations on as described in the below case study.MODULE OUTCOMES ASSESSED BY THIS PIECE OF WORK1?.Identify stakeholders and users and their differing requirements2?.Apply techniques for investigating requirements including modelling Case is an online company that sets is vision as To Be the UKs Easiest Online trader of Books, CDs and DVDs. It has a number of sub-goals to help achieve this vision. Fizzits aim is to create a strong value proposition for its customers by ensuring that its customers dont have to do much at all to trade their unwanted products. Fizzit wants to ensure customers get a reasonable price for the products. Fizzit wants to make sure it can also trade on (read: sell) whatever it buys at a reasonable price also; covering its operational costs is vital but also making a small profit.Fizzit simply asks its customers to enter the barcode/ISBN of a product (CD, DVD, Book, Game) into its website. The Fizzit product should be able to access that product record, return to the customer a price it is willing to pay for the product or whether it does not want the product. This Fizzit calls the one input price return goal. Once the Customer has either 10 products entered or a total trade value of over œ10, then a trade can proceed. The products are simply delivered to Fizzit who then pay the customer.Making a small profitThe management of Fizzit plan to take any products traded and on-sell them via a different company (a partner company but an entirely independent legal entity). The World Of Online (TWOO) is an online catalogue product akin to but only dealing in second-hand i.e. used products. TWOO trades in 30 countries and its biggest customer base outside of the UK is both Australia and China. What sells quickly (within 48 hours of going live in the TWOO catalogue) is fed back to the Fizzit database so that it can either update prices or inform customers what it will or will not now trade. Fizzit wants to create a product supply chain for TWOO and it does this by stocking its warehouse on a weekly basis with products it collects from couriers and drop off locations. The hope is TWOO will provide a return value to Fizzit through rapid feedback on what sells and what mark-up Fizzit may be able to make.Detailed Customer Process on FizzitFizzit works like this: a customer logs in or registers to create an account if a new customer. Immediately the customer is presented with an input box prompting the customer to enter a barcode/ISBN of a product to sell. When a price is returned, the customer moves the item to a trade account (or save for later) and executes the trade. The customer can either take the product (assuming 10 items or a trade value of œ10 has been reached) to a delivery drop-off box (there are 10,000 in the UK housed mostly in newsagents / convenience stores) or if it is a very large item (over 25kg and with a trade value of over œ25) a courier service will be despatched to pick it up from the customers address.Products are collected and centrally stored in a warehouse in southern England once a week. Here they are checked for quality within 24 hours of arrival. Assuming good quality, the customers PayPal account or bank account is credited with the amount of the trade within a further 24 hour period. The customer is informed via an email from Fizzit of the successful trade. There is a no returns policy once the trade is complete. If upon inspection in the warehouse some or all goods are in such disrepair that they cannot be sold easily in the opinion of Fizzit then no payment is made to the customer for these specific products; the unsellable products are placed in the nearest drop-off box to the customers postal address and an email sent with information about the product rejection and how to pick up the goods. If the product is large the goods are returned via courier. The customer is not charged for the return but is given notice that if goods are found to be not good enough twice more in a calendar year then they will be barred from selling via the site for a calendar year.The Three Deliverables you must produce are the following:1. Stakeholder onion model2. Using the Role Activity Diagram Business Process Modelling notation (Martyn Ould, 1995, 2005, model one of the following business process models described in the case: Customer Input Process Trading Process3. Requirements table (identifying business, user, functional and/or quality types). You should be able to identify at a minimum 5 requirements. The requirements should relate to the business process model you have drawn..Click here to have a similar paper done for you by one of our writers within the set deadline at a discounted

Rapid and repeated origin of insular gigantism and dwarfism in Australian tiger snakes

Rapid and repeated origin of insular gigantism and dwarfism in Australian tiger snakesAnswer the following questions about the article Rapid and repeated origin of insular gigantism and dwarfism in Australian tiger snakes by Keogh, Scott and Hayes (2010) provided on blackboard. Each question is worth 20 points. Do not use more than 4 sentences to answer the questions (most can be answered with 1 or 2 sentences). Answer the questions with your own words, meaning do not repeat verbatim what is in the article (plagiarism). Your answers should be typed and returned to your recitation instructor on week 7 of the semester (i.e. March 10 or 12). Do not return your paper late. You will lose 30% of the grade for each day after the due date. If for whatever reason you cant attend recitation the day the assignment is due, email it to your instructor.1) Which evolutionary mechanisms could have influenced the evolution of dwarfism and gigantism on islands?2) Why is the tiger-snake an excellent model to investigate the evolution of size change on islands?3) What are the evidences demonstrating that gigantism and dwarfism evolved independently multiple times?4) What are the evidences demonstrating that change in body size occurred very rapidly?5) Explain how phenotypic plasticity could have played a role in the evolution of body size on the islands?

Read some segments of Chapter 1 in Munso

Read some segments of Chapter 1 in Munson and to do some analysis of the Dax Cowart case. For Assignment 6, read sections 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Chapter 1. Now ? citing references in the text as well as your own ethical position, answer the following question: Do you agree with Eugene Rosam?s reply to Anita Catlin?s position? Rosam?s reply can be found on page 101 ? 103. Give reasons why you side with either Rosam or Catlin making sure you use material you have encountered in the readings. CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS PAPER AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE

Promotion & Public Relations

Please read all of instruction and price before contacting me the price I have is all I can pay if someone wants to do it for my price I can pay thats great.I know your time is valuable and worth more but thats what I can pay Thanks Sample Paper OutlineTitle: Promotion & Public RelationsIntroductory Paragraph (Write your thesis firstthe rest of the paper will flow from your thesis.)Possible thesis statement: See example Week 1Paragraph 1: Objectives of Sales PromotionsParagraph 2: Tools for Consumer Sales PromotionInclude a discussion on consumerism and environmentalismParagraph 3: Trade Sales PromotionParagraph 4: Description of detailed sales promotion (created by you!)Paragraph 5: Sales Forecasting and project sales and income for next four quarters.Conclusion Paragraph: which links back to thesisdo not introduce new ideasI have the previus sections of the plan for one to go by and a case study.