chapters Findings, discussion and conclusion for dissertation Brand Extension of Chanel Custom Essay

Findings : The dissertation describes, critically analyses and evaluates a solution to the research problem (or an answer to the research question);

present your findings. Without any commentary. Show that you’ve got a data. And what kind of data you’ve got.

so, here would be 10 interviews from russian clients and 10 from french.

I’ll provide you some interviews (mostly form russian clients, the rest you would have to do yourself and ill need them in appendix)

They are not just regular clients, those are people that really know the brand, going to fashion shows, following blogs and interested in the history and changes of Chanel. They are for real loyal customers or they use to be.

so, this kind of client could be called brand evangelists and ambassadors on behalf of the brand (p.15-16) Check please file CustomerBasedbrandEquityModel.pdf . I think by this Pyramid would be a good idea to explain what kind of clients are we choosing (from the top triangle). Add it in Methodology as well please if needed

Please use NVIVO

I would definitely need coding for interviews.

Discussion (link it to the literature)

Don’t add any new literature here

Conclusion : don’t add any new literature here, keep it simple . summarise your main points

Referencing: can’t be any doubt with where data came from

should be (grading criteria):

Results/findings reported very clearly. Discussed in a highly analytical manner in the context of the literature/research questions

Conclusions clearly linked to research questions

Considerable attention to implications and limitations

Very clear recommendations based on the results/findings

I will send you confirmed interview questions tomorrow.

As well as that, ill tell you are we doing focus group or not.

And the last concern is baby boomer. i’ll tell tomorrow are we mentioning it or not.

for mean while, please check 2 examples of A level dissertation examples (of course mostly methodology and discussions section). I’d like it to be similar or better. of course don’t copy anything.

Please add some charts and tables.

Please don’t forget that dissertation should be 12000 words

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