Complete Project Charter referencing given Case study Custom Essay

Before teams typically begin planning a project, they define the initial scope and seek permission to proceed with planning with a project charter.

Complete a project charter using the attached template referencing the attached case study_scenario. I’ve also attached the deliverables I worked on last week consisting of the context level data flow diagram and the system request form, with efforts to assist you in completing the charter. Additional attachments are notes from the class regarding the charter.

1. Project title and purpose—What is the business challenge we are attempting to solve with technology? What are the business requirements we must meet. What will we call our project?
2. Project goal—Given the business need, what is the goal of our project?
3. Measurable objectives—What are our objectives in business terms? For example, do we want to increase revenues by 5%?
4. Vision or preliminary scope of the project—What tasks will the project accomplish?
5. Project constraints or assumptions—Are there business or technical constraints that will limit the project solution? For example, do we have to use existing customer information system resources or skill sets? Are we assuming this will be an Oracle solution? Do we have to be done by a certain date or within a certain budget?
6. Communication—Who are the project stakeholders, and how will we document project activities and communicate with them during the project? Who decides if the project is complete and approves the project?
7. Signature page—At a minimum, the charter should be signed by the sponsor and the project manager. Are there other key stakeholders that need to sign?

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