Consumers knowledge and practices associated with hazards found on raw poultry Custom Essay

I am interested in a advanced level thesis. I would like only the Methodology, Results and Discussion and Conclusion part so please go straight to that sections and dont put an introduction. My topic was about consumers knowledge and practices associated with hazards found on raw poultry so it is basically has to do with how the consumers treat the chicken for example do they wash it before cooking it which is bad because that can spread bacteria all over the surface. So my research was based on questionnaires that I shared to people. What i want from you is:
Methodology part: 1)You are going to say what was the research project about, how many people were asked in the questionnaire( 50 people) and what is the purpose of the questionnaire survey. 2) You will take each question from the questionnaire I attached you and write a few words why this question is important to know e.g washing raw poultry is important because according to the fsa it is not safe to wash it.
In the Results and Discusion part: I attached you a file with the graphs that I prepared with what answers gave the different consumers. You will take each graph and below you will discuss the answers. You will say whether they gave the right answer or not and if not why always according to the right techniques published by the Food standards agency (FSA). There are also some general questions such as the question 1. Also, i need you to find relevant researches that ve taken place and compare the results with mine.

In the Conclusion part: 1)I want you to conlude in a result for example whether they know how to treat raw poultry or not or both.
2) Write reccomendations and whther consumers need to do something more in order to be more safe and well informed.

Please note that the methodology part should be 2-3 pages and the conclusion part at least 2 pages. Most of the word should be on the results and discusion part. Dont forget to find other sources of relevant researched and put citations.

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