Criminal behavior Custom Essay

Need Good English no plagiarism, paper will be checked through online system. must have cover page,abstract page and ref page.

A 4-page paper is required to be submitted with at least two articles expanding the concept of criminal behavior and law (strict liability).
Strict liability offenses are crimes that occur without the necessity of the mens rea. They are offenses that are crimes in and of themselves and the offender does not have to have an intent to violate a strict

liability law nor does he have to have knowledge of the legal status of the particular strict liability offense.
This paper is limited to no more than 5 pages plus a Cover Page, Abstract, and a Reference Page.
The paper should present your well-reasoned analysis of the trend towards developing new concepts of criminal behavior and law as society advances.
You may refer to:
• Your text
• Research articles available throughOnline Library

• Other research resources.
References to your sources should be cited using the APA format. All text pages should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman 12 font.

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