Critical report of business case Custom Essay

Task: Using material from BUSS5000, and any relevant additional research, students are required to choose one of the three case studies provided. These will be available via Blackboard in Week 1. The

critical report can be written throughout the semester as more information becomes available, or at the end of semester. No template will be provided but students will be expected to conform to report-writing

style. Also, by now, you will have completed the online modules ‘Critical Thinking for Business’. This should be evident in your work.

Word length: 2000 words

Format: This critical report should take the form of a report.
Submission: On Blackboard via Turnitin. See submission instructions under ‘Submitting assessments’ (section 4, Assessments).
Marking criteria:
Introduce and summarise the chosen case study
Critically evaluate the business case using materials from BUSS5000 tutorials, lectures, readings, and online modules.
Provide evidence of additional quality research
Use an academic writing style
NB Reference sources by using the BSRG. Not doing so will incur a penalty.

You must choose one of the following three case studies. You are asked to evaluate one of them only, drawing on analytical tools and business concepts that you encounter in BUSS5000 this semester. You

should also draw on additional material derived from your own research.

The three case studies that you may choose from are:

1. Transfield Services: Evaluate the effectiveness of the activist campaign in early 2014 against Transfield Services’ involvement in the construction and servicing of off-shore detention facilities in Nauru and

Manus Island. What were the reasons for the boycott? Your analysis must demonstrate an understanding of the difference between Transfield Holdings and Transfield Services. Use your own research into this

topic and your knowledge of the analytical tools and business concepts from BUSS5000 to assess whether this campaign was ultimately effective in achieving its aims.

2. SPC Ardmona: Evaluate the decision of the Victorian State Government to bail out SPC Ardmona with a $22 million rescue package. What were the reasons for the bailout? You may wish to consider the

‘triple bottom line” as part of your analysis. Use your own research into this topic and your knowledge of the analytical tools and business concepts from BUSS5000 to assess whether the bailout is an effective

use of taxpayer’s money.

3. Facebook: Evaluate the recent decision by Facebook to acquire WhatsApp for US$19 billion. What were the reasons for the decision? Is the purchase of and the price paid for WhatsApp in line with

Facebook’s strategic goals? Use your own research into this topic and your knowledge of the analytical tools and business concepts from BUSS5000 to assess whether this was a good investment decision or

a poor one.


There have been a number of questions regarding the report structure for assessment 5. The aim of this assignment is to research your case study and analyse your findings so you will be writing a ‘research

report’. It may look a lot like the structured essays you have written to date. Here is a possible outline for your report which allows you to incorporate your research (which is 25% of your mark), demonstrate

your critical thinking and understanding of the case, and most importantly analyse the evidence. You will not be successful in the assessment if you only describe a couple of articles.

Case study summary
The body of the report:
Here you will create your own headings. You can only create headings after you have researched your topic. In the previous 2 assessments we provided the headings but in this assessment you decide on the

headings from your own research. Try to keep your headings short and relevant to your critical evaluation.

Reference list
* Note: Bullet points should only be used sparingly and only where appropriate. If overused it does not demonstrate good academic writing.

Things you DO NOT need to include in the report

Cover page
Contents page
Title page
Executive summary / abstract

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