daily activity Custom Essay

1- on half page, discus in general people activity in just two line and on the rest of the paragraph discus how daily activity in COPD (one paragraph all together)
2- In the quarter of page discus how COPD exacerbation effect daily activity
3- On the half page, can you discus how weather and pollution effect general people and COPD patients ( please don�t use this paper as this one of my paper (Influence of weather and atmospheric pollution on physical activity in patients with COPD, Ayedh D. Alahmari)
4- On quarter of page can you discus how COPD exacerbation effect patients daily activity and muscles.
5- Half page, please discus Activity monitors and how that will help to recording activity, also how validation of activity (please don�t use this paper, Daily activity during stability and exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Ayedh D Alahmari) as this one of my paper

Please reference anything you write (it is important the reference because I have to go through these reference)

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