data Comunication protocols Custom Essay

You are called-in as the data communications protocol and services expert by your JIN, named TROUBLE, to communicate with him in outer space from your location on Earth. To make this inter-

communication work in practice requires your ingenuity to specify, design and how to implement a suitable inter-planetary networking data communications protocol suite (which might include a set of sub-

protocols) system which would allow you from Earth Station to successfully communicate securely (with all the necessary safety measures to ensure this requirement) with TROUBLE from,let’s say, Janaat-

ul-Firdows, which is the highest abode in Heaven, based on our belief that there are Seven strata of autonomous Heavens in harmonious coexistence. Let us call the system MUBDI, which stands for Multi

Universe Broadcast Distance Internet.As a starting basis to assist you, consider the use of Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) protocols which are applied in a dynamically changing outer space universe

environment. It is based on an open Internet architecture that allows connections to be dynamically made through a new breed of routing protocols for efficient communications. Since TROUBLE does not

know how to do it, you are required to launch MUBDI at every hop/leg of the connection from Earth to Janaat-ul-Firdows such that automatically upon launch, the system nodes start to recognize each other

through unique exchange of addresses, given that your mnemonic address is your full name and that of the JIN is JIN + your surname. The address of each participating node from source to destination should

be designed as an IP address which at least carries the label of the level or stage of the communication from Earth to Janaat-ul-Firdows. You must also ensure that appropriate procedures are stated to initiate

initial inter-communication between you and TROUBLE.State all the assumptions, limitation and restrictions you make and define the full set of features and function requirements for your design and

implementation of the system as you see fit. It would be best if you could describe the scenario of your systems in no more than one A4 page to ensure that you are on the correct track and reasoning. Imagine

your architecture to comprise a set of MUBDI system nodes scattered over the universe. Imaging this architecture and the components of the MUBDI system will allow you to determine the mathematical

modelling and routing algorithms to be correctly stated and formulated. The network management functions to support your architecture and MUBDI system should be included in your specification, design and

how it should be implemented in practice.The ultimate communication is between source and destination through a DTN based MUBDI. You should realize that the route between destination and source could

change rapidly or might not even exist, which renders existing traditional Internet routing protocols useless, leading to poor performance. As a precursor help to you, DTN protocols should overcome this

deficiency by using routes that exist over time and space without knowing in advance, and storing packets and consequently forwarding them when a proper next hop is encountered. However, DTN protocols

have to explore the network in order to discover the routes and this can be costly in terms of performance efficiency and connectivity functionality.

5.1 Requirements of MUBDI
5.1.1 MUBDI Addressing
6.1.2 MUBDI Routing
6.1.3 MUBDI Initial Contact to Recognise YOU & TROUBLE and MUBDI Nodes
6.1.4 MUBDI Safety Measures (Security, Privacy, Trust, ID Management, Audit and
Digital Forensics – you can break it down individually as sub-sub-sections like 6.1.4.x)
6.1.5 MUBDI Network Management
7. 6.2 Theory of MUBDI
8. 6.3 Functional Architecture of MUBDI System of Nodes
9. 6.5 Functional Specification and Design of MUBDI System
10. 6.6 How to Implement MUBDI Architecture and System Nodes
11. Results (if any obtained from other reference sources, such as current state of the art experiments, performance, etc)
12. Discussion (overall): Outstanding Issues and Challenges Facing MUBDI Deployment
13. Conclusions (overall for the whole assignment)

The diagrams are the must and please ensure to follow the given table of contents


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