Decision Making and Critical Thinking Case Study Custom Essay

Topic: Decision Making and Critical Thinking Case Study

You have been a staff nurse for 3 years since your graduation from nursing school. Your original career plan was to work 3 years on a general medical unit and then transfer to the emergency room. However, because of a recent downturn of the economy there have not been any openings in the hospital’s ER. You have, however, been offered a charge nurse position on the medical unit.

The Dilemma:
You wonder if you should relocate and seek employment at a big university medical center even, if it means staying on a general medical surgical unit. You are self-aware enough to know that it is time for a change but which change, and how should you make the decision?


Please use references that are current professional literature found in professional nursing & other journals.

1. You are to examine/describe both the individual aspects of decision-making and the critical elements in making decisions.

2. You must make a plan including a goal, a list of information, and data that you need to gather and areas where you may be vulnerable to poor decision making.

3. You are to examine/describe the consequences of each alternative available to you.

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