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Assessment Requirement 3 – Project

The following project will require you to:

• Research the needs of families(my topic is lack of respite care for families with a child who has a disability disabled in regional areas of Victoria)

• Make recommendations on enhancing services to meet the needs of families

• Plan the evaluation and ongoing review of services to ensure family needs are being met within the service that you work.(Work for DHHS – Disability Services)

(Note: While it is acknowledged that many services within the disability sector may have minimal contact with family members this project assumes that at minimum the organisation you are employed by would want to gain a better understanding of family needs and ensure that services are provided in a family sensitive way.)

The project must be presented in a report format with:
• a table of content

• a summary at the start

• clearly labelled sections throughout the report

1. Provide an introduction covering the following information:

• The importance of incorporating family needs into services being provided in the organisation you work for.

• An overview of how family needs are already incorporated into the service delivery model.

• Reference to any organisation policy directions regarding the support of families.

• Reference to best practice principles within your industry regarding family intervention and crises support.

2. Conduct a small research project with the aim of determining how you may be able to improve services to ensure the current and future needs of families are met.

a. Review a minimum of 2 sources of research information (demographic or issues based data) which examines the needs of families in your target group. Provide a summary of what current research has found. Please ensure you reference all research.

b. Consult with 3 services which provide supports to families – select services which are being accessed, or could be accessed, by family members of people accessing supports via your workplace. Explore with these services how you could provide improved family interventions. Provide details of the services contacted their relevance in providing supports to families who access your service and the outcomes of those discussions.(Respite services that some current clients access are Homestyle, AMICUS, Interchange, Golden City Support or CLRS)

c. Contact and interview or survey a small sample of family members (minimum 6) of people currently or previously accessing the service that you work for. Provide details regarding the way the research was conducted, the questions asked and outcomes of the research. Your aim is to find out how you can potentially improve supports to family members.

3. Use the information compiled in part 2 to make recommendations regarding Improvements which could be made to the services provided by the service you work. Your aim is to ensure the active and positive participation of families in the services being provided.

• Make recommendations on how your services can become more responsive to the needs of families. What changes need to occur?

• Why are these changes necessary?

• How would these changes impact on the organisations mission and philosophy?

• What organisation policies and procedures would require modification as a response to these changes?

4 Identify how the service will continue to measure the effectiveness of its supports for families

• Identify the ways you would measure the effectiveness of services for families by looking at organisational outcomes and client outcomes.

• How could you support staff to measure the effectiveness of their support interventions?

advance dip of disability
unit code chccw604b

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