Discussion: Evidence-based Practices Custom Essay

This is a Masters of Special Education Course.


For this coursework assignment you will participate in an reading discussion. You will be expected to answer the questions posted by the instructor. This discussion will address the readings assigned for this week. Each of the readings will correlate directly to the assignments in this course.

The following questions should guide you as you complete your discussion post this week:

– What 3 key ideas did I glean from this reading?

– What 2 connections did I make to my own experience?

– What connections do you see between these ideas and personal challenges?

– How do you plan to use this information?

– What 1 question do I have about what I learned? OR What questions do I have for my colleagues about this topic?

READINGS: (they are uploaded for you)

1.) Ermeling, B. A., Hiebert, J., & Gallimore, R. (2015). “Best practice”–The enemy of better teaching. Educational Leadership, 72(8), 48-53.Preview the documentView in a new window

2.) Klemm, W.R. (2015, February). Understanding/synthesis. Conference handout presented at the annual meeting of Learning and the Brain Conference San Francisco, CA.Preview the documentView in a new window

3.) Unger, C. (1994). What teaching for understanding looks like. Educational Leadership, 51, 8-8.Preview the documentView in a new window


– Read the article(s) associated with this week’s topic

– Posts are typically a paragraph in length (250 words)

– Discussion posts should be thoughtful, reflective, and relate directly to your classroom experiences and practice.

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