Discussion Question for Social Work Custom Essay

Discussion Question for ‘Ass 3 Part A’
A teacher at a local secondary school has written to us asking for a volunteer from our class to come and speak to their social studies class. The students in the class want to know more about the issues of

poverty, income inequality (is it the same thing?) and the impacts on the people affected. The teacher says that the students have a wide range of interests – how poverty and income inequality is measured, how

prevalent it is in Canada (or your province), what causes it, and what is being done, and what should be done. Are there funding issues? The students are also interested in learning about the impacts on

children, families, youth, the elderly, immigrants, women, lone parents, aboriginal people and those using food banks. They aren’t sure if some of these concerns may intersect.

You realize of course that you will have to be quite selective, and write out your presentation so you can be as concise and informative as possible – knowing you will be able to cover just 1-3 of the things that

they have brought up. (around 500 words). You may decide to use some section headings and bullets.

i will also upload some course notes (unit 1 to 5), same question and instructions for this discussion assignment. i need ( around 400-500 words) please.

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