Dissertation white matter changes in MRI Custom Essay

Topic: dissertation white matter changes in MRI

  this is my graduation disseration and it wight 100% from grade could you please write with more professional and accuracy ,I am student doing master in magnatic reosannce imaging ,there are 2 different dissertation topic 1st 7000 words,2nd 11000 words , I want same writer for 2 disseration.
so you can used http://radiopaedia.org/articles/fazekas-scale-for-white-matter-lesions this web site in white matter changes to classify the image in classification scale that i will attached tommorwo so you can compere betwwen T2 image and flair and which is the best sequences to diagnosis white matter changes in the brain by MRI.
CAN YOU WRITE BOTH MENINGITIS AND WHITE MATTER CHANGES WITH MORE ACCURACEY BECAUSE THERE ARE MY GRADUATION PROJECTS.please ,and also you can write and orgnaizie it what do you think from your mind but be sure you cover and write every thing related with MRI because i do master in MRI

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