However, a dissertation refers to a document submitted in aid of candidature for professional or academic degrees qualification presenting author’s finding and research. In other words, dissertation term can be used in describing a treatise without relation to obtaining degrees in academics. Dissertation reports normally is based on research projects or extended analysis of topics. However, dissertation structure explains the method used, projects finding and the purpose. Dissertation provides the writer with opportunity to write substantial part of academic work on an interest topic to you, thus an opportunity to produce scholarship work using the skill acquired academically.

Regardless the given topic written dissertation demonstrates the following; identifying the salient issues, evaluating its reliability and validity and defining and outlining a research topic. Exceptionally, there is no preference as to choosing dissertation to write. All dissertations involve empirical evidence but what is known as empiricism is an approach to evidence that is subjected to the conventions associated with the nature of science. Additionally, it is concerned in explaining external realities from a given objective standpoint. Social policy dissertations are applied rather than theoretical thus may become difficult to be explicit about the chosen methodology.

However, it is important in acknowledging that no dissertation can be free from the conceptual assumptions and values that one brings in to it. Eventually, dissertation should not exceed 10,000words in length. They include; title page, acknowledgement, table of content, footnotes/endnotes, index, acronyms list, glossary of terms and illustrative materials and statistical tables. Dissertation purpose is to offer you a chance to show your capacities to contribute in discussion of academic papers and debate should be one’s effort. Since no occurrence of major empirical components to dissertation, examiners pay attention on scholarship matters. Accordantly, they will need your dissertation to be critical and thorough in its issue handling and argument development it tends to put forward.

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