Diversity within veterinary education Custom Essay

There is much discussion regarding multicultural competency and diversity within veterinary education. What does this mean to you? How might you add to the diversity of the program? Why is diverse population important in a classroom setting and perhaps in your work life? Please feel free to share personal stories as examples.

There are several examples that I’d like to share with you so that they are included in the paper as examples of diversity that I can add to the program. First, I’m a first generation American (parents were immigrants), so I grew up with different customs and a different language than others in my community. Secondly I’ve worked professionally in the scientific community (research & industry) over the past 18 years and many of my colleagues are from various ethnicities and from numerous other countries. Lastly there are differences in the sexual orientation of several family members. I feel that all of these experiences have lead me to be a very well-rounded, accepting individual who enjoys learning about the diversity of others.

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