Don Carlos Price Strategy and Breakeven Analysis Custom Essay

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Week 5: Price Strategy/Breakeven Analysis (50 points)
One of the most challenging decisions faced by marketers is setting the price for their products and services. In order to select the right price, you need to ensure that you’ll be able to cover your costs and

meet customers’ needs at a price that they are willing to pay. You will need to perform a breakeven analysis to determine the best price. Chapters 13 and 14 outline six steps that organizations follow to set

price. Follow these six steps (as listed on page 322 in the text) to set prices for your product or service and perform a breakeven analysis. Submit your price strategy/breakeven analysis via the Week 5

Dropbox for grading and feedback. Be sure to incorporate any feedback provided by your instructor into your final Week 7 Course Project

– Quality work will include a title page, proper citations, and a bibliography. Your final marketing plan should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words.
– Quality work will be clearly organized to show the six steps in your pricing process and your assumptions, fixed costs summary, variable costs summary, and calculations for three prices (high, medium, and

-Quality work will be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct.
-Quality work will demonstrate an understanding of the breakeven analysis concept and will show correct calculations. Completed calculations will appear in a graph or table. Conclusions from the breakeven

analysis should be summarized with your rationale for the prices selected. The content presented must demonstrate an understanding of the material.

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