Economic Environment Custom Essay

The economic problems facing Greece during the past few years have had an impact not only on Greece, but also a number of other nations. One issue surrounding the crisis in Greece today is “austerity economics.”
Discuss the question of austerity economics as it applies to Greece and other “troubled” European nations. List and discuss these new austerity measures that Greece must comply with to continue to receive debt relief. If Greece complies with the mandated austerity measures, what will be the impact of their economy.

Must be typed on front of each page only, double spaced.

First 1-2 pages on what happened in Greece (history) and bring current.

Then talk about European Union and how Greece got in. Go into Euro then start in 2006-2008 and discuss how Greece got into economic trouble, who they borrowed from, why they can’t pay the money back. Then discuss Austerity Economics (90%of taxes not paid by Greeks) and the impact of this as well as what was placed on Greece by European Allies to get debt relief.

Site sources at the end.

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