Economic Growth Rate Relative to a Country’s Openness Custom Essay

• To assess your ability to evaluate the relationship between economic growth rate and a country’s openness to trade.

Action Items
1. Go to the discussion topic, “Country Assignments”, to see which country you have been assigned to research for this assignment.
2. Go to the CIA World Factbook web site.
a. Select your country from the drop down menu, “Select a Country or Location”, in the upper right corner of the web site.( USA)
b. Scroll down and read the “Economy” section about your assigned country.(USA)
c. Locate the following data about your country for either 2010 or 2011:
i. Total export dollar numbers
ii. Total import dollar numbers
iii. GDP
iv. Economic growth rate (GDP – real growth rate)
3. Download the Excel spreadsheet you will use for this assignment.
4. Input your data into the Excel spreadsheet.
5. Examine the chart that will appear on the Excel spreadsheet after you input the data.
6. Write a paragraph describing the results of your country’s data as compared to the other countries on the chart. Include a copy of the chart in your document

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