Economics Custom Essay

Answer the questions below. 1 page per question.

1) Discuss the formation of the European Union, and the introduction of the Euro. Discuss the key legal and financial steps did they take to achieve the EU and enter into a common currency, and the challenges

they faced. (include a timeline).

2) What would be the advantages and disadvantages to the US entering into a similar union with Mexico and Canada? (This is known as the North American Trade Union) Who are the principle beneficiaries

of NATU (e.g. countries/categories-workers, so on) who can it hurt? WHY?

3) What is the Forex or FX market, how is that market organized (e.g. exchange etc.) who are the major participants, when and where does it operate, how is it managed, and in what major cities is it located

and what regions do these hubs control? What is the trading volume of this market, and how is trading conducted?

4) Discuss the reasons the international bond markets exist. Describe different types of international bonds, explain how they are different, and give examples. What general type predominates in Euro-bond


5) What is meant by the Primary Market? What meant by the Secondary Market? Who participates in these markets and how are they organized? how are issues transacted in these markets? What different

purposes do these markets serve In what areas are the world’s most heavily capitalized and most highly traded stock markets located? List in descending order. How does this affect capital markets?

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