education need assessment Custom Essay

Assessment Task 1: Education needs assessment Length: -3,000 words

Details of task:

For this assessment item, you are required to undertake an education needs assessment in your workplace. This will assist you in designing an assessment tool (e.g. survey, questionnaire or other); implementing it into your place of work, analysing the data collected and identifying the education need that you will design your education program around. This assessment item is the first step in designing your education program.
In uploaded file (important references) you will find the theory and practical application of how to design and undertake an education needs assessment. Refer to the uploaded files (important references) they will assist you in the designing of your education needs assessment.
As part of this assessment you will submit:
1-your education needs assessment data collection tool with rationale for your choice of tool;
2-the “gut feeling”. An explanation of who the target group is, why you have chosen them, what you think might be the education need and why you think this. Remember to expand each area with the rationale for your explanations;
3-identify problems or issues that you may have encountered when undertaking the needs assessment;
4-the analysis of your data from the needs assessment;
5-Using the findings from your needs assessment provide a rational in support of your program choice(s) -you may have several topics identified from the data.
6-Provide a plan (table will be acceptable) detailing the contents of the program (for example the program will be delivered over 4 weeks including a list of topic headings /activities.
For this assessment you will need to ensure that your responses are substantiated by the international literature.
Length: 3,000 words

For more clear guide lines please see the uploaded file name (ideas for assignment 1>)

The topic: try to find interest topic and related to nursing( think about new graduate nursing such as how to facilitate the translation to work ( preceptorship program).

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