Evaluation of Beta-D-glucan detection for patients with invasive fungal diseases Custom Essay

Formatting the report:
Font Arial 11 (headings may be larger)
Line spacing 1.5 and one line gap between separate paragraphs
Tables may use different font of no more than 8 point size and single line spaced
Each table should have number, heading, column heading,data in cloumns, legend and vertically placed.
I would like you to write only the results, discussion and recommendation.
Results interpretation:

you would produce a single table with the sample details, results of the PCR and Galctomannan, Beta-D-Glucan results (mean, sd, cv%) and interpretation (eg positive or negative).

Then create a few graphs, & do these as you feel is best,

you might produce a bar graph of all data of the mean within a range, eg <10, 10-50, 51-100 etc. & similar for the CV % data. Could you please add this explanation? The CV value or Coefficient of Variation is a good indicator of the repeatability (or similarity) of the replicates. Ideally the two or three replicates should have a low CV if all three final values are similar, for example, a CV% of 0 would be if all replicates had exactly the same value. A large CV usually indicates an issue with the sample handling, or that the replicates have reacted under different conditions (whether it be more/less volume of reagent, contamination, temperature difference etc). We use it as a general indicator of the “quality” of the data you’ve produced, with low CV being best Mathematically the CV% is calculated by dividing the standard deviation by the mean value. By using this calculation however, for samples with a low mean value (ie <59pg/ml negative samples), a small difference can give quite a large CV%. you should also discuss the reproducibility then you could look at that the SD around the mean. In the discussion, please mention the meaning of the results (results analyzed in the context of other published work). The discussion should end with a paragraph linking the current findings with recommendations as a separate section (future work). In addition, please mention the reasons of unsuccessful results which are: 1- I encounter many technical issue regarding the software, the reader and the laptop which is connected to the reader, all of which took plenty of time (week or more) to be fixed. 2- The assay kit is so expensive and I had only few kits to process the samples. Which means that I could not have a spare one to repeat the samples in case of having a weird results. 3- I used a multichannel pipette in adding the reagent instead of multipipettor which we don’t have it in the lab. However, one day a technician came from the fungitell assay company to train me to overcome these issues and he told me that the multichannel pipette may be the cause of invalid results. 4- Time manner I have attached the results reports and also an excel file which contains the patients clinical data and the results of the three tests. It is 7 files which contain seven tests. The last run contains First sample of the second run, first five samples of third run and first and sixth samples of the 4th run , sample number 11 of the 5th run and sample 8 of the 6th run and two new samples

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