Event Evaluation Custom Essay

plagiarism in turnitin lower than10%.Resource from academic references only.

dertake a literary review to answer these questions and where possible, explain the theory in your answers with practical reference to The Rocks “Pop Up” event (whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/the-rocks-pop-up) to illustrate your understanding of the theory.

1. What indicators might be used in an holistic triple bottom line approach to event evaluation?

2. Will all an event’s stakeholders want the same thing from the event evaluation?

3. What are different stakeholders likely to want out of the process?

4. How might stakeholder observation help in the evaluation of an event?

5. In the context of events, what basic principles can be used to construct a
useful survey or questionnaire?

6.in the context of the event evaluation process, what is the difference between
qualitative and quantitative data?

7. What happens once the evaluation is complete and the report is written?
How is this done?
8. In the event evaluation process, what is a demographic profile? Why is it useful?

9. Should event management processes be included in an event evaluation?

10. How might a post-event evaluation enhance an event’s reputation?

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