Competency 724.8.3: Research Integration – The graduate recognizes the significance of applying research in evidence-based practice, recognizes sources of evidence, and applies ethical principles to

evidence-based practice research.
Competency 724.8.4: Outcome Evaluation – The graduate recognizes barriers to evidence-based practice and applies an evidence-based framework to promote safe and reliable healthcare.
724.8.3-06: Identify strategies for overcoming barriers to adopting an evidence-based practice for a given nursing situation.
724.8.4-01: Apply evidence-based research to guide implementation of a given quality improvement process.
724.8.4-02: Identify barriers to evidence-based practice in a given process or situation.
724.8.4-03: Recognize why a systematic review can provide a strong evidential foundation for clinical decision making in a given situation.
724.8.4-04: Discuss the difficulties of translating from research to practice.
724.8.4-05: Determine how to involve key stakeholders in obtaining staff compliance with an evidence-based practice change in a given situation.

As a nurse in a leadership role, you and some of your colleagues have begun to question one of the routine nursing admission/assessment or patient care/preparation procedures that are conducted. You

wonder whether the procedure has a basis in research. In order to improve quality of care, you decide to undertake an evidence-based project to determine the basis for the procedure, any suggested changes,

and possible barriers to implementation of a revised clinical practice guideline.

A. Select a nursing admission/assessment or patient care/preparation procedure (e.g., routine shaving of the surgical site) that you would commonly find in your practice setting.
1. Describe the process or procedure, and then, include reasons/supporting evidence why this needs to be changed.
2. Based on your initial investigation of the situation, do the following:
Note: You will need to ask workplace personnel. Also note it is not sufficient to say there was not a process in place before your change. You must have a process to change.
a. Explain who determined the basis for the practice.
b. Explain the decision makers’ rationale for instituting or supporting the current procedure or practice.
c. Explain why the decision makers decided to implement the practice or procedure.
3a. Gather and list five relevant and credible sources (less than five years old) to support your suggested practice change for the procedure you have chosen
Note: Credible sources are less than five years old and may include professional
journals, research reports, professional Web sites, governmental reports, current texts less than five years old, and presentations from professional meetings.
4. Explain the clinical implications your suggested change might have on patients, based on the relevant and credible sources you identified in part A3a.
5. Explain the implications your suggested change might have on the practice setting, based on the relevant and credible sources you identified in part A3a.
6. Discuss how you would involve key stakeholders in the decision to change the procedure or comply with a proposed change.

B. Write an essay in which you do the following:
1. Discuss specific difficulties you may encounter in applying the research to practices and procedures in your practice setting.
Note: You should distinguish between difficulties you would have interpreting what the research says and synthesizing it into a practice guideline or procedure, rather than just the outside barriers to change.
2. Discuss the specific barriers you could encounter in attempting to institute a change in procedure in your practice setting.
3. Identify at least two strategies that you and your team could use to overcome these barriers you identified.
4. Explain how you would implement your new process or procedure based on the research findings.
C. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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