exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (Journal entry week1 ) Custom Essay

Journal: The Seven Areas of Responsibility
Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to engage in personal reflection as you develop your personal and professional identity as a health educator. Your journal will allow you to record your thoughts and experiences as you become more familiar with the content for each week and as it applies to NCHEC’s Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators.
Review the How to Create Journal Entries document and download the Health Educator’s Seven Areas of Responsibility Self-Assessment in this week’s Resources.
Note: In grading every required Journal entry, your Instructor uses a Journal Rubric, located in the Course Information area. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Journal entry.
Complete the self-assessment of the Seven Areas of Responsibility for Health Educators as they relate to your personal and professional skills by placing an “X” in one of the boxes for each competency and sub-competency.
Explain, in a personal narrative, the results of your self-assessment.
Explain which areas of responsibility present opportunities for your personal and professional growth, including steps you might take to enhance your skills.

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