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2000 word final essay
Please pick ONE of the topics given below:
1. Make a comparison between classical Chinese painting and Western oil painting. Please choose a famous work from Chinese painting history and a famous work from Western painting history and

then compare point by point according to the list for comparison discussed in Lecture (notes have been posted on iLearn).

2. Please explain the meaning of .
Please explain with the aesthetic theory and achievements of two famous literati artists in Chinese art history.

3. Discuss the development of Chinese tea art from the Tang dynasty until recent times in China or overseas.

4. Describe the main features of Beijing Opera and explain why it is popular to general audience.
Please discuss the special interaction between the actors on stage and the audience during the performance.

Advice on structure & personal information
An essay of 2000 words is merely a draft or skeleton like a small replica of a full scale book.
Tips: A small & condensed topic is easier to handle so as to pin-point into the core discussion of a specific topic related to what had been discussed during the lectures.
Content outline:
1. List of contents: chapter by chapter in order.
2. Introduction/foreword/preface: the purpose and intention of writing such an essay, what to achieve after this research. To what extend this study will include.
3. Chapter by chapter in paragraphs, with subtitles.
4. Conclusion: any new discovery? Any new idea? Anything yet to be dissolved? Further discussion needed? Any possible prospect or development of this aspect?
5. Footnotes & captions for illustrations(if any)
6. Reference resources: bibliography or websites, articles, periodicals, documentaries….etc.
7. Appendix: such as chronological charts, maps, pin-yin tables….etc.
8. word count
9. Book list should include the title, writer or editor, publisher, year of publication.

Marking Criteria



High Distinction

Relevance to topic
The essay satisfies the overall objectives of the question. Student demonstrates some understanding of the topic.
Analysis of some relevant points, however, the discussion of the key concept(s) topic is limited. Some weakness with regards to logic, consistency or coherence.
The key concepts have been treated predominantly in a descriptive way rather than analytic. Student demonstrates a sound understanding of the topic; key concepts are clearly defined; the knowledge

displayed relates adequately to the topic, competent use of examples. Student provides intensive exploration of the key concepts which is logical, consistent and coherent. Excellent response to

questions of cultural identity with good use of relevant theoretical concepts. Student demonstrates a profound understanding of key concepts of Chinese art history covered in this unit and provides a thorough

and detailed analysis; all comments and arguments are clearly related to the topic; all necessary information is provided.
Student refers to several factors and societies and explores the complexity of at least one key concept. Student demonstrates a thorough understanding of the complexity of key concepts of history of

Chinese art.
This essay engages with several elements of Chinese art and its development and successfully explores the complexity of at least one key concept. The analysis contains insights into questions of Chinese

cultural identity within the framework of Chinese tradition which are of marked excellence through a highly detailed, logical consistent and engaging argument.

Development of ideas
Some flaws in the introduction and conclusion; the body of the essay contains a discernable main idea with a clear development; only very few ideas are introduced at random; hardly any evidence

of superficial and unconvincing statements which are unsupported or unrelated; little inclusion of irrelevant material. The writing is structured(i.e.paragraphs), there are a few issues of coherence. Good use of

introduction and conclusion to guide the reader. The essay deals with a main idea and there is evidence of a clear development of ideas. Ideas are structured in paragraph form, linked to a central argument,

statements supported by quotes, reliable sources etc. No un related or irrelevant material. Overall structure of high quality, clear introduction, development and convincing conclusion (not a mere

repetition). The main idea is supported with solid evidence and additional information.
All aspects are presented in a sound and convincing way, including more abstract ideas which extend beyond the material provided in the lecture.
All statements supported and referred in a competent way. Exceptional essay offering ideas which reflect important issues in the relevant field. The ideas are based on sound research which extends well

beyond the material covered in lectures and displays a great degree of independent critical thinking. The argument is well supported and referenced throughout.

Referencing Very few sources of a limited range; conventions of referencing generally respected Variety of sources used.
Conventions of referencing generally respected A wide range of literature from classical Chinese documents correctly identified. All references are relevant. Conventions of referencing respected throughout.

An extensive range of classical Chinese documents correctly used to support arguments. Some critical quotes have been used independently of the material covered in lectures and is highly relevant to the

argument. Critical use of research literature.

Writing Style Use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax, generally correct. Correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation & syntax. Correct use of grammar, spelling, punctuation &

syntax. Excellent use of languages to discuss all arguments.


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