Global health report Custom Essay

Using the websites and documents below or other credible professional resources, choose a global health topic of interest and concern. When you have a topic of interest, contact faculty to discuss your choice

and how you might make it a manageable scope. Please remember that this is a “limited” look into the topic.
As you develop the paper, consider the following questions for inclusion:
1) What is the impact of the problem upon the larger community/world?
2) What is the extent of the problem? (Describe the statistics, incidence, and trends?)
3) What forces (external and internal) are at play in the growth of the problem? For example, does poverty play a role in escalating this problem? Is there a defined health disparity?
4) What actions are currently being taken to address the problem and are they working?
5) Are actions being taken to prevent the problem from occurring? If so, what levels of prevention are at play? If not, what improvements upon the levels of prevention should be considered?
6) What are the roles of the CHN/PHN?
7) What are the ethical considerations in solving the problem?
8) What are the budgetary considerations of the interventions

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