Go out of the building and capture insights with learning cards Custom Essay

Topic: go out of the building and capture insights with learning cards

Because you have done last order, you are the only one who can work in this order ASAP. Its different idea not same as what you did last time.
This assignment is actually a group assignment. We have decided on a new business Idea as the following:

• For (target customers) clothing brands / fashion retailers as well as customers
• Who are dissatisfied with the return policies and procedures because of the wrong size and fit of clothes (pains and the current alternative) and retailers want to increase customer engagement as well as satisfaction
• Our product is a software with key features like intuitive gesture controlled user interface, cloud database technology, unlimited products catalog, immersive environments, real time cloth physics and real 3D product models based on high resolution photos
• That provides customers with real 3D photorealistic product models, 2D model support, various garment and accessory types for women and men, try on multiple clothes at the same time, try on clothes and accessories in 360 degrees, automatic user measurement, and garment fitting (for visual purposes only), real time cloth physics can be applied to each item individual and background change option
• Unlike the size charts available online which don’t provide the exact measurement nor show how a particular product would look and fit on a consumer.
• At the end of the day our product increase the efficiency of online shopping and customer experience for the website and increase retailers brand value by satisfying customers.

Here is my part :

Hypotheses and questions
Start with cheap and quick tests (most likely customer discovery interviews) and potentially following up with more elaborate tests. At this stage you will most likely do customer discovery interviews (other tests allowed but not required) as the bulk of your testing.
At this stage you should discuss the most critical hypotheses and your interview questions within your group. Did you refer to the slides on `how to compose `open` questions and follow up`?
Are the questions likely to truly test the hypotheses, why? Provide motivation for choice of questions. Please put questions in a table format and add the target-personas you interview to, see example of matrix in appendix G of this document. Analyse results and put conclusions in learning card during stage 3 (put table in the appendix of your report and reference approriate).

Stage 3 (400 words): Go out of the building and capture insights with learning cards (Attached)
This section encompasses:
1. Introduction to the chapter
2. Three learning cards with detailed collection of insights.
3. Discussion of process and outcomes of the tests. Analyse all the group testing, consolodate, explain and make sense of what happened referencing back to theory from class. (I will attach some of the lectures notes)

Go out of the building and run experiments. If the first test invalidates your guess you may have to go back to the drawing board and run new tests. Conduct design experiments with speed, tempo and fast cycle time. Capture your insights with a mimimum of three learning cards, one for each hypothesis, one for each theme: User experience (Jobs/pains/gains); Product features (pain relievers/gain creators); Customer segments/personas. The (minimal three) detailed learning cards make up most of the 400 words of stage 3. Use tools from class and blackboard to describe the process and outcomes of tests in the conclusion of this section.
I have wrote some questions that might Don’t stick into these questions I am expecting you to do something different.
Please refer to the attached documents specially for the one called “the requirements” it has all the requirements, marking rubric as well as the cards and samples you going to use.

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