Government-Sponsored Education: Impacts of the Haitian Brain Drain on the Durable Development of the Country Custom Essay

Section F; articles 32, 33, and 34 of the Constitution of Haiti of 1987 make education of Haitians the responsibility of the government and the territorial collectivities. As such, education, from primary to

University is free in Haiti where the government pours considerable amounts of money into public education. Upon completion of their High School and/or Universities, the majority of Haitians leave the country

seeking hopes and opportunities. Such a phenomenon is called Brain Drain, through which the country fails to retain its intelligentsia, creating then a void into the political field of the country and where the

government does not implement any strategic plan to prevent brain drain or to get returns on its investments

a. The intelligentsia leaves the country because the country does not offer opportunities for personal growth and development.
b. The Brain Drain impacts the durable development of Haiti because the country lacks human resources that would take comprehensive decisions to further its politics and its economy.
c. The Brain Drain creates a human-capital void filled by politicians lacking the educational level required to effectively lead the country.
d. The Brain Drain creates a void currently being filled by the International Community supported by corrupted politicians.
e. Other countries benefit from the Haitian Brain Drain because skilled Haitians offer their services to these receiving countries.

This study is limited to Haitian students who attend public schools such as Lycées and a faculty program at the University of Haiti. It does not apply to those who attend private schools and/or privates


Plan: Establish a comprehensive a plan where the government can continue to sponsor education while getting some returns on its investments.

Taxes Them All:
1. Make education a contract between the government and the individual through which the former agrees to provide free education and the later agrees to pay 10% taxes once he or she is hired either in Haiti

or overseas.
Note: Students sign their contract four year out of their graduation year.

2. Establish contracts with hiring companies through which they agree to collect taxes from anyone who attend public schools in Haiti. Failing to do so might result in fines and/or suspension of licenses.

3. Diaspora who does not pay will be held at airports and will not be allowed to leave the country until they pay their taxes.

4. Overreach: Reach out to receiving countries; urging the hiring government to collect taxes from any Haitian they hire.

Working Title: Government-Sponsored Education: Impacts of the Haitian Brain Drain on the Durable Development of the Country
a. Statement of the Problem
b. Definition of Terms
c. Theoretical Framework
d. Methodology
i. Type of Research
ii. Respondents
iii. Questionnaire
e. Hypothesis
f. Review of Related Literature
g. Scope and Limitations
h. Significance of the Study
i. Background of the Study
j. Presentation and Analysis of Data
k. Concluding Statement
i. Analytical Summary
ii. Thesis Reworded

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