Guidelines for Reflection Paper Custom Essay


Guidelines for Reflection Paper

• The reflection paper is due by a hard copy in class in that week day of the reading.

• The reflection paper should provide the title of the reading on either the cover page or on top of the first page.

• The paper has two components by headings: (1) A brief summary, which should be about 500 words; (2) Reflection. Reflection is a major component of the paper. Its length should not be

shortened than the summary. In this part, you need to think critically to reflect on the major themes of the reading.

• It suggests that students use your own words to express your opinions and discuss any issues related to the reading contents. References are not required. Using first person is acceptable.

• Students who submit paper in class of that reading week are also encouraged to share their reflection in class.

• The paper should be labeled clearly, double spaced, using 12 Font, and the length is about 3-4 pages excluding cover page.

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