Heuristic Evaluation Custom Essay

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Starbucks application OR Chase Bank

Assignment instructor:
Heuristic Evaluation
Usability is one of the most important aspects of any technology. If it is not designed intuitively, users are very quick to ‘bail’ on the technology in favor of something else. As such, designers are always looking for ways to engage users in the quickest way possible. Please provide a screenshot of a technology that you feel violates a usability principle from Nielsen.
In your post, please describe what is wrong with the interface according to Nielsen and how you might redesign it in order to avoid errors. In your response to peers, please also add at least 2 additional ways that the interface could be redesigned.

1. Please post your initial design by
2. Please respond to two peers by ( I attach 2 peer responded)
3. Please post your redesigns by

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