History paper Custom Essay

Based on your understanding of early America from this class, critique the History Channel’s America the Story of Us: Revolution (Links to an external site.), in particular, its narrative (or story) of American history.

Consider: What is missing from the narrative? What is highlighted or emphasized? Does it matter that X is missing, or that Y is emphasized? What implicit argument is made by the film, its inclusions and exclusions or material? How do you think the film shapes the popular perception of early America history?


The paper should be approximately 1200 words (about four pages long); you do not need to do any outside research.

A clear thesis (or argument) should be presented in your introductory paragraph and each paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence that encapsulates the point (or argument) of that paragraph, and supports your thesis.

Due to the brevity of this assignment, depth of analysis will be preferred over breadth; thus, you should analyze a few aspects of the History Channel’s America the Story of Us: Revolution (Links to an external site.) rather than listing everything that is missing from the film.

Link of the viedo: http://www.history.com/shows/america-the-story-of-us/videos/america-the-story-of-us-revolution

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