How small and medium enterprises select Business Intelligence system Custom Essay

Topic: How small and medium enterprises select Business Intelligence system

The project under How small and medium enterprises select Business Intelligence system is done in one company. Through the project I suggested and three options of BI system to implement. Decision about software we made upon our meetings and requirements which enterprise needs. The core of the project is to choose right software which controls and it is used by manager like a dashboard for previously established key performance indicators. The name of company is available and key performance indicators. It is very important to find theory or framework for selecting Business intelligence (for making decision ). Soft system methodology I would like to be written and used in dissertation for theory or framework. In chapter of Literature review it should be covered everything about business intelligence and need of it. Management issue with BI, it should be written theory or framework of selecting BI (I prefer soft system methodology and strongly encourage to use it). Methodology part of dissertation should be built by case study or project which I did in the company ( further details I will give). Company decided to use Microsoft power BI between tableau vs qlik software. Thees software are for control and monitoring performance of company. There is no need in company for data mining. Please read about written to know what to write in literature review. The essence is of dissertation is to show and help prospective small and medium enterprise how to choose adequate software for its needs. The market is full of software but it is difficult to recognize which one is good for small companies. I will provide with data from meetings and interviews. So three main parts are in dissertation: 1. to find and implement theory for selecting BI for small and medium enterprise(soft system methodology), 2. literature review which will show that dissertation is about selecting BI for small and medium companies 3. Dissertation is based on real project in company.

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